Jo Levell

I joined Total Fitness in October 2015 as I used to enjoy swimming so decided I would try swimming a few times a week to improve my fitness. At this time I weighed probably the most I ever had. I’ve never been skinny but have gained a bit more weight year on year. Read More

Miri Monath

Miri had always struggled with her weight. Despite her initial reluctance to adhere to any healthy eating plan, Olivia succeeded, through her kindness and persistence, in persuading her to give it a go. She did this and has now lost well over two stones.
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I had gradually put a lot of weight on over the years until I was at my biggest weight of 14.2 st. I had previously tried many ways of losing weight by embarking on fad diets that I never kept to and hardly any exercise. Read More


Female, 22. Weight gain, acne and posture.

I have always been a very slim build and struggled to gain weight. The doctors were always aware that I was under weight but it’s never been a worry. I always ate 3 meals a day and wasn’t a fussy eater it was just considered genetic as my mum and siter are also slim. Read More